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Americans believe in free trade and fair competition – but we can’t compete against a stacked deck.


Enforcing fair competition for phosphate fertilizer is critical to protecting the integrity and independence of American agriculture. This keeps U.S. producers strong and allows trusted fair trade partners to compete in the U.S. market. 


American farmers deserve the confidence and certainty of American-produced phosphate fertilizer for our food. If unfair trade practices are allowed to return, American farmers will be left dependent on unreliable foreign interests that can dictate the supply and cost of essential crop nutrients. Russia and Morocco produce nearly a fifth of the world’s phosphate fertilizer* and will have even more control if allowed to dominate the U.S. market.


Here’s what American farmers have to say: 

Fertilizer accounts for 50% of crop yields – that's half the food on our plates. Americans are rightly opposed to relying on a small number of unreliable foreign governments for the crop nutrients needed to grow the food they eat. Here’s what Americans said in a recent survey:

  • 78% of voters say it matters that the phosphate fertilizer used in the U.S. to grow food comes primarily from domestic sources.

  • 66% of voters living in American farm states prioritize safeguarding domestic fertilizer production, even if it means higher prices. 

  • 60% of voters recognize fertilizer as critical to maintaining our stable food supply. 

Americans support domestic phosphate fertilizer production.

Fair trade works.

CVDs implemented in 2021 restored a level playing field that has been good for American agriculture. 


  • The number of countries exporting fertilizer into the U.S. has more than doubled since the CVDs have been in place, as suppliers who were previously forced out of the market by Russia and Morocco have returned.

  • The increase in the number of suppliers has led to an increase in supply with a record high of more than 4 million tonnes of phosphate fertilizers imported in 2021, from a record number of suppliers.


Fair trade works for America's farms and families; protecting it must be a national priority. We can not allow ourselves to become dependent on Russia or Morocco for our essential phosphate fertilizer needs. We need actions that protect these priorities, not policies that put agriculture at risk. 

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