Americans believe in free trade and fair competition, but we cannot compete against a stacked deck.

The U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission must act to enforce fair competition. Enforcing fair competition in the phosphate market is critical to protecting the integrity and independence of American agriculture, and the stakes are high.

Reliable, stable supply and choices for American farmers:

Fair competition means more options and a healthy marketplace of trusted and reliable suppliers for American farmers—including suppliers based here in the United States. American farmers deserve the confidence and certainty of American-produced phosphate for American-grown food. That marketplace is at risk. Unfair trade has forced some phosphate producers that play by the rules out of the market, leaving farmers with little power and few choices in the marketplace. If action isn’t taken, American farmers will be left dependent on foreign interests that are not accountable and that can dictate supply and cost for an essential nutrient to grow their crops. 


Claims that enforcing fair trade will hurt farmers are false. The U.S. market will continue to be supplied as trade flows adjust to meet demand, and with the restoration of fair, competitive conditions, the U.S. phosphate industry will be there to serve American farmers with quality, competitively priced product for the long run. 

U.S. Jobs and the U.S. Economy:

The U.S. phosphate industry supports nearly 50,000 jobs and contributes more than $12 billion in economic value in Central Florida alone5. The unfair trade practices of Russian and Moroccan producers are putting this vital economic engine in jeopardy. U.S. producers have been forced to close plants in Florida and Mississippi, and several smaller producers have gone out of business entirely as Russian and Moroccan predatory practices squeeze U.S. producers out of the market. Communities lose major employers, workers lose jobs, and the entire economy pays the price.


Without fair competition, the industry will continue to suffer and contract, resulting in tens of thousands of lost jobs and shrinking economic impact. America can’t afford to stand by and allow foreign producers to engage in trade practices that harm jobs and our economy.

America’s Agricultural Independence:

American crops feed our families and help feed the world. And healthy, productive crops require phosphate—it is the critical nutrient for crop growth. If American phosphate producers are forced out of the market, foreign governments would control the cost and supply of the essential nutrients to grow our food. American agriculture would be entirely dependent on foreign governments. Our agricultural independence depends on ensuring there will be American-produced phosphate for American-grown crops. 

  According to a recent study by Port Tampa Bay, phosphate and fertilizer products support nearly 50,000 jobs. The industry’s total economic value to the region is over $12 billion.

Enforce fair trade. 

Protect America's Agricultural Independence.